Two pink lines

Colin and I started trying to get pregnant with our first child around April 2011 and in the months since we’ve had a couple of hopeful false alarms followed by gut-wrenching disappointment. During the hopeful bits, I spent a fair amount of time day dreaming about how I would break the happy news to Col when the time came.

That time turned out to be 28 January 2012. I knew that I was late, but I had decided not to take a home pregnancy test for another week to try and avoid another round of the gut-wrenching. However, when I woke up that Saturday morning I just had a ‘feeling’ and so out came test. Within seconds the long awaited double pink line appeared.

In complete disbelief I wandered back to the bedroom and announced, without any fanfare at all, ‘Babe … I’m pregnant.’ At which Col sat bolt upright and we both examined the test in more detail before I burst into tears. Shortly afterward I realised that I’d made this life changing announcement standing at the door, with a pee stick in my hand and without a stitch of clothing on! Not exactly how I’d dreamed the moment would go down …

Col and I then took the absolute worst photo of ourselves that has ever existed. I’m sharing it here because:

  1. it’s time I really embraced the fact that the biggest moments in our lives don’t always play out how we’d imagined (and are sometimes better for it) and
  2. I think our faces say it all!

Hello world!

I’m Speckle (or Baby-Rip), and I’m about 13 weeks old now. I’m only 7cm long, but check out my fully formed bone structure – pretty cool I dare say. At this stage, I’m expected to make my appearance into this big, wide world at the end of September. Mom and Dad are jumping up and down with excitement – more about their journey so far to follow soon.