Two pink lines

Colin and I started trying to get pregnant with our first child around April 2011 and in the months since we’ve had a couple of hopeful false alarms followed by gut-wrenching disappointment. During the hopeful bits, I spent a fair amount of time day dreaming about how I would break the happy news to Col when the time came.

That time turned out to be 28 January 2012. I knew that I was late, but I had decided not to take a home pregnancy test for another week to try and avoid another round of the gut-wrenching. However, when I woke up that Saturday morning I just had a ‘feeling’ and so out came test. Within seconds the long awaited double pink line appeared.

In complete disbelief I wandered back to the bedroom and announced, without any fanfare at all, ‘Babe … I’m pregnant.’ At which Col sat bolt upright and we both examined the test in more detail before I burst into tears. Shortly afterward I realised that I’d made this life changing announcement standing at the door, with a pee stick in my hand and without a stitch of clothing on! Not exactly how I’d dreamed the moment would go down …

Col and I then took the absolute worst photo of ourselves that has ever existed. I’m sharing it here because:

  1. it’s time I really embraced the fact that the biggest moments in our lives don’t always play out how we’d imagined (and are sometimes better for it) and
  2. I think our faces say it all!

6 thoughts on “Two pink lines

  1. Love you Luce!! This made me laugh and cry at the same time because I could imagine exactly what you described!!! So happy for you guys and can’t wait to see you really soon!!

    Sian xx

    • also, the day you found out was on my brother’s birthday and the current due date is Glenn’s birthday!! 🙂

  2. So so wonderful Luce!:) What a memory you can always cherish! You guys are so special, all oyr love. Marco and Shan

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