Fuzzy friends

From the moment that Speckle came into being, our amazing friends and family started to spoil him. This morning I cleared out the cupboards in our spare room (so I have somewhere to start stock piling nappies) and tracked down all the goodies that landed up in the study during the first trimester exhaustion. Each tiny item makes me coo with delight but the most popular gift so far seems to be teddy bears. We’ve got quite the collection going already and the name ideas that don’t seem quite right for our baby boy are finding a purpose among these fuzzy friends.


Taking more time to think things through

The other day I learnt that a woman’s brain volume actually decreases while she’s expecting, which is one of the reasons why forgetfulness is a symptom of pregnancy. I can definitely see the effect of this lately – for one thing I couldn’t remember this interesting fact and had to go and look it up again! Alarmingly though, I do more than just forget. My thought process seems to have slowed down considerably and this has left me in a few sticky spots …

On a recent car trip, I needed to get rid of some stale chewing gum. Not having a tissue on hand I decided to throw it out the window. However, in the process of doing this I realised that it wasn’t good for the environment, started having second thoughts but couldn’t commit to a logical decision and ended up sticking the gum onto the window instead. I then had the ‘brilliant’ idea of rolling down the window and just plucking it off. The gum in question was of a particularly gooey consistency, so while I thought it would have hardened somewhat in the rushing air, it was in fact still mush and all I achieved was a delightful mess. At this point Martha, the friend I was sharing the back seat with, couldn’t contain herself anymore and burst out laughing. That got me started and it was a full minute before we could get a word out to explain the joke.

Martha, who has 11 children, is a goldmine of valuable information and taught me that peanut butter works wonders at removing chewing gum from places it shouldn’t be. So on the bright side, I’ve learnt a great tip for the future – that is of course assuming I can remember it!

The first of the foothills

I consider myself a neat and organised person, and as a result swiftly brushed aside all promises that when Speckle arrives my house will descend into a state of chaos. Much of this advice came from my mom, who claims that she was just like me when she was my age, and which I’ve struggled to believe at times. You see, my mom’s house has one or two rooms filled with towering piles of stuff that need sorting. We call these Mount Everest, and she’s always attempting to eliminate them. Mostly they just seem to migrate.

When the first trimester tiredness hit at week seven, cleaning up after myself swiftly fell into the category of non-essential activities. Within weeks, foothills of ‘stuff to sort’ had starting springing up everywhere. One day it dawned on me that I had my own Everest swiftly thrusting its way into my home and that’s when it happened … my first preggie meltdown. I didn’t have the energy to do anything about the situation, but its very presence buried me in despair. I hid myself under my duvet and sobbed my heart out, while Colin desperately tried to extract some understanding of what was wrong. Wails of ‘my life is already falling apart’ and similar sentiments were discernible from time to time.

And so began my first big lesson – give yourself a break! I tend to be really hard on myself, but was forced to re-evaluate my priorities in the face of my non-existent energy. Now that I’m into my second trimester and feeling a lot better I have to remind myself of this. Those foothills don’t clear themselves in a day, especially as I’ve adopted a slower pace in general.

What’s more, I suspect that when Speckle does make his or her appearance, the quest to conquer Everest will become a lot harder. Let’s just hope it won’t be insurmountable!