Taking more time to think things through

The other day I learnt that a woman’s brain volume actually decreases while she’s expecting, which is one of the reasons why forgetfulness is a symptom of pregnancy. I can definitely see the effect of this lately – for one thing I couldn’t remember this interesting fact and had to go and look it up again! Alarmingly though, I do more than just forget. My thought process seems to have slowed down considerably and this has left me in a few sticky spots …

On a recent car trip, I needed to get rid of some stale chewing gum. Not having a tissue on hand I decided to throw it out the window. However, in the process of doing this I realised that it wasn’t good for the environment, started having second thoughts but couldn’t commit to a logical decision and ended up sticking the gum onto the window instead. I then had the ‘brilliant’ idea of rolling down the window and just plucking it off. The gum in question was of a particularly gooey consistency, so while I thought it would have hardened somewhat in the rushing air, it was in fact still mush and all I achieved was a delightful mess. At this point Martha, the friend I was sharing the back seat with, couldn’t contain herself anymore and burst out laughing. That got me started and it was a full minute before we could get a word out to explain the joke.

Martha, who has 11 children, is a goldmine of valuable information and taught me that peanut butter works wonders at removing chewing gum from places it shouldn’t be. So on the bright side, I’ve learnt a great tip for the future – that is of course assuming I can remember it!


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