Ralph Lauren from Lauren

At my 10 year reunion this past Saturday I saw my lovely friend Lauren. She recently came back from a trip to America and brought Speckle a present which she ‘just couldn’t resist’ – a Ralph Lauren baby grow! It definitely warrants its own blog post for the sheer cuteness factor. And as an added bonus, it’s bright orange, so Speckle will have something to wear that his Aunt Marlies from Holland will approve of.


Mango madness

This morning I had a crisis of faith over my trusty app. It told me that Speckle is now 29.2cm long, but somehow equated this to the size of a large mango. That is one monster of a mango! But then I realised that I was being far too literal. Yes, Speckle may be 29.2cm long if you could stretch him out, but as we saw on yesterday’s scan, he’s doubled up on himself (he was waving his feet around in front of his face!) so I suppose the curled up Speckle could well be the size of a large mango. Mango mystery solved – I feel better now!

Our appointment went well yesterday. The doctor took a whole lot of measurements and when he plotted them on a graph, Speckle’s growth was bang on track and he’s currently clocking in at 600 grams. The doc did all sorts of anatomy checks as well and everything was perfect. Four heart chambers, ten fingers, ten toes, one stomach, two kidneys, two nostrils, two eyes … I forget what else we looked at. Bottom line is a happy doctor equals a happy Sparkle!

Humble pie (made from spaghetti squash)

After all my arrogance last week over my fruit and veg knowledge, I was brought up short yesterday when my app told me that Speckle is now roughly the size of a spaghetti squash. More alarmingly, I peeked at some of the weeks to come and this is not shaping up to be a once off experience. So I thought I’d share my new discoveries here in order to better my education.

This photo doesn’t give an indication of scale but that’s where this week’s real excitement comes in. Speckle is now approximately 28cm long. I had’t been paying much attention to these numbers so when I read that I got quite the shock. Our little boy is pretty big really!

The week of the banana

At the beginning of every new week in my pregnancy, I check out my Baby Bump iPhone app to see how Speckle is doing. It gives me his approximate weight and length, and compares his size to a fruit so that I have something tangible to compare our ‘invisible’ little person to. I’ve really enjoyed this feature but it’s given Col a few problems. You see Colin isn’t a fruit and veg fan, so his basis for comparison is somewhat limited. Poppyseed (week 4), olive (week 9), prune (week 10) and small cantelope (week 20) were all met with utterly blank looks. So this morning when I announced that Speckle is the length of a banana, Col’s reaction was, ‘Finally! A fruit I understand.’

When I told this story at work, Michelle (our boss lady) suggested that Col should eat the relevant fruit for that week so he can appreciate its size. All my previous attempts to get him to expand his nutritional palate have failed – maybe the Speckle comparison will have more success?

At this rate Speckle might have more shoes than me…

I mentioned a few weeks back that teddies seem to be the gift of choice and that we’ve got a rapidly growing collection. Since then however, there’s a new contender: booties and baby socks! Let me just say right here that Speckle is going to have the best dressed feet in town.

Award for the most ‘out there’ booties however, goes to my cousin Jennie and her family in the UK who sent us these awesome little froggie boots a few weeks back (although every now and then I think maybe they are short-nosed crocodiles instead?). They’re a much bigger size than most of the clothes we’ve been given so far, so they’ll remain on the shelf for a while yet but I take them out and look at them every now and then to make them feel loved.

Halfway today

Today I reached the halfway mark in my pregnancy – 20 weeks down, 20 left to go. To mark this auspicious occasion I thought I’d give a bit of an update on how it’s going.

While the first trimester’s exhaustion and morning sickness are far behind me now, there are a host of other weird things going on …

  • My bump has now well and truly popped. Combined with the visit I had from the Cleavage Fairy pretty early on this means that my wardrobe options are getting slimmer by the day (if you’ll excuse the pun).
  • Pregzilla (my irrational, hyper sensitive and super emotional alter-ego) is raising her ugly head with increasing frequency. It occurred to me as I was stomping out of the house this morning, that this is probably a lot less pleasant for those who cross my path on ‘Pregzilla days’.
  • My sinuses are perpetually blocked and my only relief is to use a saline nasal rinse every morning and evening. (It helps, but it’s a sensation similar to being ‘dumped’ by a huge wave.)
  • I’ve got back ache most days as my centre of gravity shifts. (Apparently for every kilogram of weight that goes on the front, seven times that force is applied to your back. So a lot more of this to get used to.)
  • The ligaments and muscles in my abdomen are protesting rather loudly about all the stretching they are having to do.

All of this leads me to agree with my friend Tash, who recently commented that pregnancy is not for sissies. However, I have also started to feel a faint fluttering from time to time as Speckle stretches out and give me a poke. And when that happens I realise just how incredible this entire process is. A foetus’ development is truly miraculous but the way the body adapts to facilitate this is pretty darn impressive too.

We’re having a boy

Two weeks ago we found out that our Speckle is a boy! I’d had a feeling about this so my first reaction was ‘Yip, that’s about right.’ Then I succumbed to extreme delight which had me dancing a jig when we left the doctor’s and smiling like a Cheshire cat for ages. Col on the other hand was in a state of shock. When I’d collapsed into an exhausted heap that evening Col finally caught up and then started leaping around the house chanting ‘It’s a boy! It’s a boy!’ like some crazed Indian chief.

After putting up a poll the day before our scan, I was under pressure to let people know the verdict. Facebook won out for sheer convenience, but for the purposes of posterity it seems like a good idea to make a blog post about it as well. So here are a few pics Col and I took on Instagram this afternoon for just this purpose. (I bought this giant letter a few months ago and was planning on using it as decor in our bathroom, but I think now I’ll have to incorporate it into the nursery somehow.)