The brainwashing begins

When I married into the Rip family I quickly learnt that sport is a uniting force in their households. From a young age, my father-in-law, Mervyn, nurtured loyalty to his teams and this is now firmly entrenched in his offspring. (Some might call this brainwashing, we refer to it as family loyalty.)

It goes without saying that they are all fanatical South African sports fans and hardly a Springbok rugby game or Proteas cricket match goes by without lengthy discussion. (The rise of some talented South African golfers in the last few years has resulted in some particularly happy family lunches too.) However, family allegiance runs deeper and there are a number of other teams or institutions behind which the Rips put their weight. We are Stormers fans. Roger Federer is our tennis man. Audi, not BMW, is the way to go.

And so it should have come as no surprise when Grandpa-Rip to-be recently presented us with this Manchester United baby grow. (Although, after last night’s performance by Man U, we might be getting instructions to burn it.) The brainwashing has indeed begun early for the Speckle. But then, he will look oh-so-cute in his little red outfit when I take him for a drive in my little red Audi!


2 thoughts on “The brainwashing begins

  1. May the Speckle have the presence of mind to make his own choice when he is able! But Man U does need all the help they can get. Pat Esau will approve whole heartedly. Pops

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