We’re having a boy

Two weeks ago we found out that our Speckle is a boy! I’d had a feeling about this so my first reaction was ‘Yip, that’s about right.’ Then I succumbed to extreme delight which had me dancing a jig when we left the doctor’s and smiling like a Cheshire cat for ages. Col on the other hand was in a state of shock. When I’d collapsed into an exhausted heap that evening Col finally caught up and then started leaping around the house chanting ‘It’s a boy! It’s a boy!’ like some crazed Indian chief.

After putting up a poll the day before our scan, I was under pressure to let people know the verdict. Facebook won out for sheer convenience, but for the purposes of posterity it seems like a good idea to make a blog post about it as well. So here are a few pics Col and I took on Instagram this afternoon for just this purpose. (I bought this giant letter a few months ago and was planning on using it as decor in our bathroom, but I think now I’ll have to incorporate it into the nursery somehow.)


2 thoughts on “We’re having a boy

  1. Marvelous Merlin is on the loose( Oops, a while to go yet!) but slayer of dragons he shall be. Pops

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