Mango madness

This morning I had a crisis of faith over my trusty app. It told me that Speckle is now 29.2cm long, but somehow equated this to the size of a large mango. That is one monster of a mango! But then I realised that I was being far too literal. Yes, Speckle may be 29.2cm long if you could stretch him out, but as we saw on yesterday’s scan, he’s doubled up on himself (he was waving his feet around in front of his face!) so I suppose the curled up Speckle could well be the size of a large mango. Mango mystery solved – I feel better now!

Our appointment went well yesterday. The doctor took a whole lot of measurements and when he plotted them on a graph, Speckle’s growth was bang on track and he’s currently clocking in at 600 grams. The doc did all sorts of anatomy checks as well and everything was perfect. Four heart chambers, ten fingers, ten toes, one stomach, two kidneys, two nostrils, two eyes … I forget what else we looked at. Bottom line is a happy doctor equals a happy Sparkle!


3 thoughts on “Mango madness

  1. That’s wonderful news Luce! So exciting! I weighed 900grams at birth (28 weeks) and Stef weighed 1.1kg at birth. The little guy is gaining so nicely.

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