A chair for the next generation

As I’ve mentioned previously, my year has been neatly divided into quarters and Quarter 3 has been set aside as the ‘Get ready for Speckle’ phase. Knowing that I’d have some time off before Speckle arrives means that I have done very little to prepare for him to date. The nursery plans are still fairly unformulated in my head; I haven’t started educating myself about the birth and what happens next; any parenting questions and concerns are being added to the list of ‘Questions for Quarter 3’.

However, being the planner that I am I have done a few things and one of the most exciting is the acquisition of ‘The Pink Chair’. This is a lazy boy that my parents bought when Trev and I were small and it was a big part of our childhood. I remember it living in my parent’s bedroom when we lived in Mondeor and if we were reall
y sick, or woke up with a nightmare, Mom would make us a bed in the Pink Chair and we’d spend the night in there. (A sneaky plan as it was seen as a treat for us, but probably greatly increased the quality of sleep my parents had. Hats off to you Mom and Dad!)

It has since been reupholstered and so needs a new name – any suggestions? When we went up to Tzaneen in May we brought it back with us and it’s now ensconced in my reading nook. As this same nook will soon be the downstairs baby corner and breast feeding zone the chair is well positioned to feature in the memories of the next part-Goodwin generation.


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