Bad hair day

In one of the most vicious onslaughts yet, the preggie brain has attacked again …

This morning I washed my hair and was half way through styling it when my hair dryer bombed out. I refused to panic and got on with doing my make-up. Sometimes its switches off because it overheats but if you leave it for a few minutes it recovers, so I thought maybe it would work when I next tried it. No such luck. I was now running out of time, and in desperation tried a few colleagues to see if someone could bring a hair dryer to work. No one answered their phones. Admitting defeat I made a hat plan and steeled myself for walking out into the four degree morning with wet hair.

Late for work, I grabbed my bag and rushed for the door, only to notice on the way out that the plug for my trusty hair dryer was no longer in the socket …


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