Two down, one to go

This week finds me at 30 weeks so I’m well into my third trimester. (Speckle is the size of a cabbage apparently, but I’ve lost serious faith in that app.) My pregnancy continues to go really well. I’m carrying pretty comfortably, although I am starting to feel a bit more tired again. Speckle’s kicks have become really defined movements and sometimes I can actually feel his little foot (although it might be an elbow or knee). I absolutely love feeling all his little movements, but he’s pretty shy and invariably stops his aerobics as soon as someone else puts their hand on my tummy to try and feel them.

Speckle will be making his appearance in eight to ten weeks, and it’s interesting how differently Colin and I are handling this fact. Col can’t wait for him to arrive! He feels like this pregnancy is never ending and just wants a baby to hold now. I, on the other hand, am feeling slightly panicky because there is so much I feel like I need to do before he arrives (get the nursery ready for one). But as Col says, we are only 75% of the way there, so there is still lots of time for me to get through The List.

It’s been nearly three weeks since I stopped working and that’s also taking a bit of adjusting for both of us. It’s strange for Col to go off to work every day while I’m still lying in bed (although I do get up to make him breakfast and pack his lunch). I’m taking a while to adjust to the fact that I have whole days to get things done, and don’t need to pack everything into evenings and weekends. As this realisation sinks in, I’m learning to pace myself. Yesterday I spent a whole hour just reading a magazine – how’s that for progress?

As I said, I’m carrying pretty comfortably, but I have started to waddle a bit in the last two days. (That might be because I started Pilates on Tuesday though and have been seriously stiff since then!) Speckle has also started settling down on my sciatic nerve, which means I’m getting shooting pains down my right leg from time to time. My lower back is often sore and I unconsciously find myself adopting that classic preggie pose of supporting it with my hands. But it’s all part of the fun I guess!

So while it’s adjustments all round in the Rip household at the moment, we are now earnestly preparing for our boy’s arrival and are amazed at how much we both love this tiny person who we don’t even know yet. Excitement is running high!


7 thoughts on “Two down, one to go

  1. You just look stunning!!! So glad I got to rub your tummy when it was barely a bump…wish I could be with you now though!! Definitely exciting times ahead – I hope it continues to do well 🙂 xxxx

  2. You look lovely Luce! Felt a bit ‘homesick’ for my old team as I read your post. Thanks for the newsfeed and keeping us up to date. Can’t wait to meet Speckle Rip – he is going to be awesome!

    • Thanks Zil. Popped past EMD on Tuesday and they were all going flat out as usual. Hope things are going well with the new job and the commute isn’t too hectic. Will chat soon. X

  3. Love the beautiful picture! You look so good Luce! I’m with Siany remembering the earlier days of the bump! As always love reading your blogs, it will be an amazing record to read back on as your speckle grows up!

    • Thanks Bee. Will also be great material for the Speckle scrapbook when I finally get round to it. Have a super weekend. Loving your instagram pics.

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