Our babymoon

Col’s dad has a flat at Simbithi Eco Estate in Ballito, and we decided to pop down there once Col got back from Scotland if the opportunity presented itself. Two weeks ago, everything started falling into place and 11 July saw us driving down to the Natal north coast.

The break could not have come at a better time. In the 10 days since Col had come back from Scotland, I had finished work, my parents had stayed with us for a week and Speckle had his baby shower (which I’ll post about when I get some photos). As a result, we’d been passing each other like ships in the night and I had been struggling to slow down the pace I was operating at. We spent four idyllic days going for long walks in the estate or on the beach, snoozing and watching movies. Over the weekend that we were there, the rest of South Africa suffered under the worst cold front of winter, while we enjoyed 25 degree days. We did as little as possible and it was wonderful!

On our last day we went out for lunch at a restaurant on the beach, and were amazed to see two whales just beyond the breakers. I have never seen whales on the north coast, and the locals were as enthralled as we were. They were too far away to get a good photo, but we could clearly see their tails and plumes of spray as they dived and resurfaced.

We drove back on Monday 16 July and since then Col has hit the ground running. August, September, October and November are always busy months for him and this year looks to be no exception. The few days away broke the hectic cycle I’ve been in, and I’m managing to set a much slower pace for myself as we get ready for Speckle.


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