The mommy gene

As I continue with the third trimester, the maternal instincts are really coming into play. I find myself talking to Speckle quite a lot, admittedly often in a cutesy-cutesy voice. The nesting thing has kicked in and no spot in the house is safe from my organising plans. But it goes further than these expected changes …

I don’t know about anyone else, but my mom always seemed to walk into the lounge at the absolute worst spot in whatever TV programme Trev and I were watching. It honestly could have been completely innocent, but as soon as my mom arrived, suddenly everyone started swearing, there was some crazy love scene or the plot took a turn for the downright crude and inappropriate. In the last few weeks, I seem to be the trigger for this. Col will be relaxing in front of the tube and as soon as I wander into the room, the cringe factor begins. I try to ignore whatever is happening on the screen, but that only makes it worse and inevitably I end up saying something like, ‘Isn’t there something else you can watch?’

I always wondered how my mom’s timing was so bad – now I realise that she didn’t even have to try!


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