Prison break

This post comes to you from the labour ward at Pretoria East Hospital. I had a stomach ache yesterday afternoon which didn’t go away and decided to come and get it checked out just in case. Turns out I was having mild contractions so I was admitted last night and will probably spend tonight here too.

The doctor’s not sure why I started having contractions. Sometimes it just happens, although usually because of a bladder infection of which I have no sign. Maybe after the ante-natal classes two weeks ago and child development seminar last Saturday Speckle just thought we were ready for him!

The doc is putting Speckle firmly back in his place (excuse the pun) with some medication that I’m taking every four hours. Between that, general noise and nurses checking my vitals this place is good practise for parenthood – I didn’t get much sleep last night. They have also given me a steroid injection to boost Speckle’s lungs (common procedure when there are early contractions) – we can’t help wondering if this will also boost our recent day dream of raising an Olympic gold medalist!

The measurements this morning (5:30am this morning) show only one Braxton Hicks contraction and I’m feeling much better although these meds are
making me rather floopy. Speckle is also doing well. But I haven’t seen the doc yet so will have to see what he says.

Of course the irony is that my bag wasn’t packed (been waiting for Woolies to bring out some summer pjs) and even though I had plenty of time to do something about that yesterday, the thought that ‘it was probably nothing’ meant I didn’t. So I’ve been emailing poor Col lists, and needless to say I’ll be packing that bag first thing when I get home – summer pjs or not! Furthermore I was half way through making dinner so I literally left pots and pans scattered around the kitchen – again thinking I’d be back soon to finish up. And I’d spent the afternoon sorting out some filing so the lounge looks like a paper bomb went off.

But on the bright side the preauthorisation from my medical aid meant that they didn’t make Col put R60 000 on his credit card before letting us through the door as was the case in Jan 2011 after the white water rafting injury I had. So that’s progress! And Col had just finished his round of golf yesterday afternoon (shooting his best nine since March). All in all I’d say it’s been a good trial run.


8 thoughts on “Prison break

  1. Glad to hear all is well!! Make sure you keep rested 🙂 After all your plans of planning, in your time off before Speckle arrives, I couldn’t help but chuckle when you said you hadn’t packed your bag yet! Although, it did still seem like very early days so you are forgiven for not having completed that task yet 🙂 xx

  2. Oh my word cuz, I’m so glad your contractions didn’t progress further! Baby Rip certainly is fast out of the starting blocks if he’s already threatening an early arrival. Hope you’re on strict bed rest now. Did you get your second dose of BMZ today? (just in case) Hope you sleep well tonight. Lots of love Nats

    • Hi Nats. Yip – got second dose of BMZ. Doc hasn’t put me on total bed rest – just no exercise and must take it easy. But starting to feel so tired that that’s not hard to do! X

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