Parenting’s first casualty – logical thought

The cumulative effect of interrupted sleep is starting to take it’s toll and my brain is really not functioning that well anymore. This means that firstly I can no longer seem to trust myself with admin tasks of any kind. Yesterday I persistently wrote ’28 August’ while labelling all my bottles of breast milk. And while always a believer in lists I can absolutely no longer seem to function without them.

Secondly, I’m committing serious faux pas at every turn. Thank heavens for name badges because I can’t remember the nurses’ names, even though I’ve been getting to know them for days now. Then last night my friend Tash came to visit. I spent half an hour in mental anguish trying to work out if this was the first time I’d seen her since Cameron was born. She, in fact, came to visit me on Monday, but I bored her with all the same stories I tell first time visitors before that sluggish part of my brain finally got through with the message that she’d heard it all before. Darling that she is, she listened with just as much enthusiasm as a first time visitor and didn’t let on that she was probably wondering if I was going mad.

Frustrating as this is, it did lead to lots of laughs last night. I stayed up for the 11pm ‘feed’ (read ‘expressing of milk’). Afterwards Col asked me what time I’d set my alarm for, with the next ‘feed’ at 2am. ’22:45,’ I replied. He looked at me quizzically and said, ‘But babe, you’ve just done the 11 o’clock one.’ I was completely flummoxed and asked in disbelief, ‘Have I?’ When Col realised that I had been genuinely confused we packed out laughing (incidentally a rather painful experience with my stiff tummy muscles). While he’s also sleep deprived at least he is still capable of logical thought so my new strategy is to run every action by him before I do anything!

This absent mindedness is bound to get progressively worse so if your birthday is anytime in the next two months I will most likely forget it and beg forgiveness in advance. And if I make plans with you please remind me on the day or run the serious risk of being stood up!


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