Super Dad

One week down the line it’s time for a post dedicated to Col. We’ve bonded on a whole new level this week and he’s been incredible in the way that he’s stepped up to the plate. A while ago he told me that it was really important to him to be confident in looking after Cameron and has taken the opportunity this week to learn how to do so under the nurses’ guidance. He’s also been reading up on breastfeeding. On Friday when I had my first session of feeding without a nurse, Col sat with me and dispensed advice and assistance like a pro! He’s been utterly supportive and encouraging and it really is impossible to explain just how grateful I am for him.

But then if one considers his heroics to get to the hospital last Sunday, one can see where Super Dad burst onto the scene. A week ago, when the doctor came to tell me that the suppression wasn’t working, Col was playing golf in Joburg. He was on the 16th hole when I phoned and as soon as he answered I burst into tears and passed the phone to Katy who happened to be visiting and knew the whole story. While Col starting running the last two holes (all uphill) Katy filled him in. I don’t think he registered much of the conversation because when I spoke to him later he had missed essential details (for example ‘Don’t rush, nothing is going to happen in the next two hours’). Despite that, he did have the presence of mind to enter ‘No result’ into the computer so that his handicap wouldn’t be affected!

In the car, he headed for the highway and phoned his mom to update her. But a metro police office was lying in wait and pounced on Col as he took the onramp. Fully aware of the irony, Col said, ‘You won’t believe this, but my wife is in labour.’ The policeman’s sceptical expression prompted Col to urge him to write the ticket then but hurry up about it. Still the policeman didn’t show signs of activity. Col then lost his patience and told him that if he didn’t hurry up and do something, he would have to catch Col. The officer looked into the car, spied Col’s Crème Soda and asked, ‘Is that for me?’ Utterly exasperated Colin replied in a voice dripping with sarcasm, ‘Yes it’s for you.’ The upholder of law then had the audacity to complain that it wasn’t cold enough, but at least Col was free to go.

Until he hit the N1 through Centurion that is. Coming around the bend at John Voster, Col was confronted by a massive traffic jam – the highway had been closed due to an accident. Putting on his hazards, he pushed across three lanes of traffic and drove up the onramp (which thankfully no one was attempting to come down). Again driving against the traffic he got onto the N1 south and from there the N14.

By that point I’d given the situation a lot of thought and decided to have the C-section. I phoned Col to discuss it with him, and he wisely decided to stop past home, have a shower and pack some clothes so that he wouldn’t have to leave the hospital again after he’d arrived.

Thinking about it now he says the drive to Pretoria really felt like a scene from a movie. He is also willing to confess that he takes a bit of pride in being ‘that guy’ who was on the golf course when his wife went into labour! Whatever, Super Dad has emerged and his powers seem to be growing every day.


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