Cameron’s nursery

Cameron is quickly challenging my perfectionist tendencies, and one of the big ways in which this has already happened is with the nursery. As I mentioned previously, the day I went into labour was actually the day I’d planned to put in a lot of work to get the room ready. Obviously that never happened! When I was discharged from hospital, but Cameron was still in ICU, Katy and Tash came over to help me at least get it functional for when he came home.

Horton hears a who is one of my favourite movies and never fails to lift my spirits. It wasn’t until after the amazing baby shower though that I considered it for a theme (I was set on friendly dragons). Once I made the switch though, so many things fell into place and while there are still finishing touches to be made, I’m so happy with how it’s coming together.

My favourite thing about this room though is the fact that it is now being used. That’s a strange statement, but until now the spare room in our house has mostly been a dumping ground for random stuff. In the last week we’ve started using it all the time! Our little family now fits our little house and it’s a great feeling.



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