Facebook is my friend

Col and I had a social media plan for Cameron’s birth. Knowing how quickly things snowball on Facebook, we’d decided not to post anything for a few hours after Cameron was born. We wanted a little bubble to enjoy him in without the incessant beeping of our phones. It was a good plan but with one giant flaw – we didn’t tell anyone about it.

The first crack showed itself a few hours before the caesarean even took place. Col’s dad took a photo of me with Isabel, Katy and Leigh Anne who’d been visiting when the doctor decided to stop supressing the labour. On Facebook it went with the caption, ‘It seems Speckle’s is not going to wait any longer. All our love to Lucy and Colin as we wait upon Speckle.’

The second crack occurred when I was still in theatre being stitched up. Col’s sister got in with the first photo of Cameron. Swiftly on her heels was Col’s brother in Switzerland declaring to his virtual world that he was an uncle. My brother and Marlies were next with a photo of themselves which they took while receiving the news over the phone. As our plan had been blown well and truly out of the water, immediate action was needed if Col and I wanted to be the ones to at least announce his name!

Since then I’ve really been maximising Facebook and this blog to keep my world updated on Cameron’s progress. While I know that there are many out there who will be unsubscribing to the flood of Cameron photos I’ve been posting, I also know that there are a handful who are hopefully still looking out for them.

But there’s another side to all of this, and that’s the response Col and I have received from all of you. In the midst of the stress of the last two weeks it was incredible to know that whenever we checked our phones there would be an encouraging message or comment from someone – we read and appreciated every one.

There has been so much to deal with, but a big one for me has been a sense of isolation. My world has shrunk down to Cameron’s feeding routine and that’s how it will stay for a while. So while Facebook may have some disadvantages, right now I’ve got a much greater appreciation for what a wonderful tool it can be. And in the wee hours of the morning, it most certainly is my friend!


3 thoughts on “Facebook is my friend

  1. Ah Luce. How I loved this post.

    I am one of those who look forward to every photo and snippet! And while your world might seem a little smaller than a mere two weeks back, know that you are snugly carried around in our hearts and mind (which keeps you ‘out there’ in a weird sort of way).

    Let me know when I can squeeze into your somewhat shrunken world to meet Cameron and Rhubarb 😉

    Take care of you xxx

  2. Hey Luce,

    I love your writing, you inspire me to keep better records as a mom, which i suck at! One thing though, I’m awake at all hours and if you ever wanna chat in the wee hours of the morning, i’m awake.

    Also, mom advice: 6 weeks, this is the time it takes to adjust to the shock of motherhood, lack of sleep and your world as you now know it. You will be amazed at how at 6 weeks everything just ‘clicks’ and somehow your clock miraculously adjusts to the strange sleeping patterns and new chores that take up so much time. All of a sudden you become more efficient and cope better with the little bits of interrupted sleep which at some point in time felt like a form of chinese torture.

    My friend, all will adjust, all will be well and the absolute joy of being a parent makes it all worthwhile (such a cliche, yet so very true).

    xxx love u lots!!!

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