Sleeping solo

Last night Cameron slept in the nursery for the first time. (Up until now he’s been sleeping next to our bed in his pram.) We’ve been discussing when to make this move in a halfhearted way for the last week but hadn’t actually made a call. Yesterday I woke up in a ‘today is the day’ mood and just decided to give it a go.

I spent some time in the afternoon preparing. I set up the baby monitor. I built him a little nest at one end of the crib (he’s still so small that I’m using the width as the length). I unpacked the humidifier we bought and got that working (poor guy has been a bit congested the last few days). I was ready.

And now our first night is already behind us. In his typical stoical style, Cameron doesn’t seem to care where he rests his weary head. He slept wonderfully. His parents on the other hand … Firstly we spent half an hour missing him and discussing whether he was feeling rejected and unloved. Then I acted like a bit of a jack-in-the-box after each feed, taking 5 or 6 trips down our little passage to check on his well being. Col and I both had nightmares about imaginary death traps in the nursery – for example shelves falling off the wall or the roof caving in. And then there was the noise. The baby monitor not only picks up Cameron’s little squeaks but other noise too. So last night we heard all the trucks on the highway twice – once when they were going past Cam’s window and then again as they passed ours! Perhaps tonight I will be brave enough to turn down the sensitivity.

All in all though I think it’s safe to say that the move couldn’t have been smoother. Let’s just hope that tonight Col and I can be as relaxed as our son!



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