A dose of perspective

Last night Col and I watched What to expect when you’re expecting which is a movie following the journeys of five pregnant women. Aside from being some light hearted entertainment, it made us realise just how much we’ve grown in the last eight weeks. Things that would have intimidated us a few weeks ago now elicit a wry giggle instead. It was also interesting to think back on that weekend that Cameron was born. I went to bed last night with a feeling of intense gratitude to God for how He carried us through that experience.

It was also a great way to end off what was a really good week with Cameron. I’ve managed to establish a good routine with him and I think we crossed the line from ‘adrenaline based survival’ to now continuing with our lives but with a baby in tow. I started expressing milk for a bottle once a day and Cameron has taken to it with consummate ease. This gives me a bit more freedom, but also allows Col more bonding time as he gets to do a feed. Another unexpected benefit is that Cam has started taking his dummy which makes getting him down at night much easier.

We have had a number of successful outings in the last few days. On Thursday I took Cameron with me to the shops and he slept very peacefully in his carrier the entire time. That evening Col and I had our first date night which was awesome. On Friday night we went out for dinner with Col’s mom. Cam came with and slept in his pram completely unfazed by the noise of the restaurant. On Saturday Col’s mom baby sat while I went to have my hair done – something I have been dying to do for weeks and which made me feel like a new person. That night we went to a braai at which there were four couples – us with our eight week old, the hosts who have a three year old and a second on the way, the third with an eleven month old and a fourth expecting their first in three months. What was interesting about that was that the kids are now par for the course and not the main event. We put our sleeping babe down in one of the bedrooms, turned on the baby monitor and had an adult evening. To end off this flurry of social activity we went to a first birthday party yesterday and then my aunt, uncle and cousins came over for tea in the afternoon. (Recounting this now, it’s no wonder I was so tired yesterday! A sleep in this morning and afternoon nap have left me feeling much refreshed today.)

All of these adventures have really highlighted what a well behaved little boy we have. His routine wasn’t affected by all the activity, Col and I really enjoyed showing him off a bit and we’ve got a bit more confidence in terms of taking him places with us. There have been a lot of tough moments over the last two months but they are by far outweighed by the extent to which Col and I have grown in our roles as parents. Even when we are bleary eyed and half asleep, Cameron’s blue eyes gazing up at us never fail to melt our hearts. And there has not been one second when we have not been oh so grateful for his presence in our lives. The level of fulfilment and joy that having a child brings is so elemental that it’s a very hard thing to put into words. But it flows into everything we do and has changed us forever. Yes it’s been a roller coaster so far but it’s an exhilarating ride and the occasional stomach plummeting moments only make it that much more fun!


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