They grow up so fast

Today I had to pack away all of Cameron’s newborn clothes.  It was an incredibly hard thing to do! It’s the end of the first phase we’ve had with him, and while I’m so grateful that he’s growing so well, there was a big part of my heart that cried a little over the fact that he’ll never be that small again.

While I was repacking his chest of drawers though, it occurred to me that God really does have a sense of humour. When I was in Grade 7 my parents bought me a Jack Russell. She was the runt of the litter and as a result remained a really small dog for her whole life. I used to joke that I had a puppy who never really grew up and her cuddly little frame was something that always delighted me. Fifteen years later my son is born a month early and I get an extra four weeks of the newborn phase, which while trying in some ways, thrilled that part of me that cherishes small things.

So while today’s milestone made me sad in a small way, I’m excited for the next phase with Cameron. And as further consolation, I have a whole host of new outfits to dress him in, including this cute little Dr Seuss baby grow I found at Woolworths a few weeks back! (Amazing that I decorate Cam’s nursery with a Dr Seuss theme and suddenly it’s everywhere in the shops too. Further evidence of that heavenly humour me thinks!)


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