Cameron’s nursery completed

I know I’ve blogged about Cameron’s nursery before, but there were a few finishing touches that I needed to complete and since those are now done, I thought a more detailed post was in order. I love decorating, and this room is really one of my favourites in our house, so here’s some of the detail behind it for those who are interested.

This first collage starts off with a panorama view of the room. The sign on the door (bottom left) was part of the décor for my baby shower and has received a second lease on life here. The funky giraffe we found at the Irene Market in February and it was the first toy we bought for Cameron (I haven’t been able to find them there again, but to my utter delight, I’ve discovered that MyMunchkin stocks them). Then we have Horton! I was presented with him at my baby shower and truth be told, it’s really because of this gift that the theme for the nursery changed completely!

This collage is a tribute to Colin’s mom, who helped me so much with getting the nursery ready. It was she who found the giant Scrabble letters on a trip to Cape Town, which now form the centre of Cameron’s wall of fame. It was she who painstakingly painted the stripes along the wall after I had my first pre-term labour scare and was instructed to take things easy. And finally, it was she who gave me the mouse mobile, which has a history. When Colin was small, his mom used to tell him the story of Timmy Mouse, a little mouse who didn’t like to bath. However, one day he met a little girl mouse who wouldn’t play with him because he was just so dirty. That provided the incentive Timmy needed and from then on he was a lovely, clean little chap!

The words on the wall are my second favourite thing about this room (the first being the canvases, but more on those later). They are the first four lines to ‘Horton hears a who’, with appropriate changes to the first line (the original reads, ‘On the fifteenth of May’). When changing it to ‘On a day in September’ I wondered if I was tempting fate, but as Cameron was due towards the end of September I thought I’d be safe. And then of course he was born a month early! We contemplated crossing September out and adding August instead, but as Cameron only came home from the hospital on September second the wall was left unchanged. (For those interested, I projected the words onto the wall, traced them and then painted them.) In the middle of the top row there is a shot of Cameron’s library so far – my mom is a Grade 5 English teacher and passionate about reading. I doubt Cameron will ever be short of stories as she’s started a library at her house too! Then we have Cayden and Keeno, the dinosaur/dragon toys which remain as a relic to the original nursery theme (Knights and Dragons). And last, but by no means least, are the customised canvases that my most wonderful friend Lee made for me. They delight my heart every day and I hereby decree that they will always have a place in our home, no matter how old Cameron is!

I also found a really cute night light from MyMunchkin. I mentioned them before and they are a recent discovery for me. It’s a company formed by two moms who import really cool baby stuff that’s hard to find in SA. The light’s colours change (slowly, so no baby disco going on), and it has a continuous light function, as well as a tap on/tap off mode. And today I found an awesome clock, which has a definite Dr Seuss feel too it. But who knows when I’ll get a chance to put that up, so here goes this post without a photo of that!


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