Mr Solemn

If we had to choose a Mr Men character to represent Cameron at the moment, I think we’d pick Mr Solemn. We have discovered that we have quite a pensive, contemplative little chap. A week ago Cameron started smiling socially and we thought smiles would now rain down aplenty but not so. Don’t get me wrong – he’s still smiling, but there is a limited window for it each day!

It appears that like his dad, Cameron is a morning person as he is at his most cheerful when he wakes up around 6:30. For a few minutes he’s Mr Happy and smiles abound but that seems to be it for the day. If you miss ‘The Grin Gap’ you can try as hard as you like to elicit a smile, but all you’ll get is a strange look and you can just tell he’s thinking, ‘My but my fellow humans are an odd breed.’

Col and I are starting to look increasingly ridiculous as we attempt to amuse our son outside of The Grin Gap. Dancing around the house, singing songs, pulling bizarre faces – none have the desired effect. However, the meditative look on Cam’s face as he contemplates our antics never fails to make us laugh so I suppose in some way we are succeeding in our quest!



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