Silent Night

One of the most shocking realisations that Colin and I have had as new parents is how few songs we know all the words to. When playing with Cameron, bathing him or putting him to bed, we’ll launch enthusiastically into a rendition of something only to fade dismally after the first verse. I’ve taken to looking up lyrics on Google and practising before my next performance (I’ve nearly got ‘Splish Splash’ nailed).
Another interesting realisation is how much our musical tendencies differ. Col favours 80’s classics and school war cries, whereas the camp-fire songs my dad taught me are my weapons of choice. What comes as no surprise is the fact that neither of us can carry a tune! Our attempts are off-key at best, reminiscent of a cat symphony at worst. But fortunately Cameron doesn’t seem to mind our warbling efforts – in fact it appears he rather likes them.
In a recent effort to expand my repertoire, of late I’ve started adding Christmas carols to the line up. Appropriately I’ve got no problem with ‘Away in a manager’ (although I’ve been wondering how accurate the line ‘But little Lord Jesus, no crying he makes’ really is). I still resort to humming for other favourites such as ‘The First Noel’ and ‘Silent Night’ but I’m working on it. Maybe by Christmas I won’t even need the carols sheet!

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