A watery weekend

Between my Dad’s 60th birthday celebration at the end of November and my husband’s 30th birthday party this last Saturday, my blog has been severely neglected. But as all the parties are now over, I can give it a bit more attention again and write a few catch-up posts.

To start off with, the weekend of 17 November was a watery one for us – Cam had his first swim and first (and last) bath with Col in our bath at home (more on this perplexing sentence in a moment). The swim took place in my father-in-law’s pool which is heated, although the temperature was 35 degrees Celsius so the weather was good for it too. At first Cameron complained a fair bit, but as he got used to the water he began to maybe not enjoy it, but at least tolerate it! Time will tell whether Cam will take after his dad or mom and be a water baby or not.

Our other water-related first, was Cam having a bath with Col. We’ve had a growing damp problem due to a badly installed bath and recently took the decision to take it out and install a shower instead. But we didn’t want to miss out on that classic photo of baby in the bath with Dad (I’m sure you all have one in your baby books), so the night before the plumbers arrived Col took the plunge. To be frank it was a bit of a mission – holding a slippery, soaped-up baby is no easy task!



If you are wondering about Col’s facial hair – this year he decided to take part in Movember, an initiative where men grow moustaches in support of cancer awareness. The more ridiculous the better, and so halfway through, Col shaved his beard into this absurd handlebars moustache. I wasn’t a fan of the bristly beard to begin with but the fact that these firsts of Cam’s will forever feature ‘Trucker Dad’ hasn’t added to my enthusiasm!


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