Beach attempt two

Knowing that nothing is ever as hard the second time around, we attempted a second trip to the beach during our recent holiday. We’d learnt from our mistakes the first time and were much better prepared. Or at least we would have been if we’d had the key to the storeroom and could have unearthed the beach umbrella. As it happened, the key went back to Pretoria with my father-in-law so we had to improvise. More on that later.

Our second beach expedition took place once the school holidays had ended so our audience was far smaller. But as we came down the steps, we noticed one super organised family who had constructed some sort of mini-theme park on the beach. Allow me to paint you a picture:

  • There was a gazebo type thing, big enough to comfortably provide shade to a family of four.
  • There were deck chairs.
  • There were cooler boxes – no doubt filled with tasty treats and ice cold drinks.
  • And then there was the entertainment area – an inflatable paddling pool, under it’s own umbrella in which a baby was happily splashing around. As if the being on the beach wasn’t enough.

By contrast, our position on the beach looked like this:

Second trip to the beachI guess it’s good to have something to aspire to. Although Col did point out that as someone has to carry all that stuff, and as it’s most likely to be Dad, his opinion is that our system is perfectly adequate.


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