Our holiday

Aside from the flight down and our first trip to the beach, our holiday was very low key and fairly uneventful. Cameron struggled with the new environment and was pretty unsettled the entire time we were away. We actually took him to the doctor half way through our trip because he really wasn’t himself. The doctor started looking pretty desperate when her examination failed to bring any ailments to light – I think she felt a bit sorry for these over-anxious new parents. We were also glad Colin’s sister went with us as we had an extra set of arms for rocking Cam to sleep – something we had to do for almost every nap and bedtime. Considering that he went through a growth spurt just after we arrived, all the rocking became something of an endurance test for our biceps!

We passed our time playing cards, reading books, watching movies and rocking Cam. In between we did shifts – one of us would babysit while the other two went out for a bit. We got in a few walks, Colin and Leigh-Anne played a bit of golf and I was treated to an afternoon at a spa. Aside from two rainy days we had glorious weather and Cameron enjoyed splashing in the baby pool on the estate. It was all very pleasant.

Adding to the every growing list of baby-related revelations, Colin and I realised that holidays are going to be a bit different from now on. The daily Cam tasks go with you meaning late sleep-ins and spontaneous outings are no longer on the cards. But for me it was great to have so much help with Cameron so I at least feel like I had a break. It was also wonderful to be able to spend so much time together as our little family and I’m so grateful that we had the time away.

The Rip Family - January 2013

The Rip Family – January 2013


Splish splash

Splish splash


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Beach baby

Beach baby


Auntie Annie and I

Auntie Annie and I


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