First taste of solids

On Sunday 10 February we gave Cameron his first taste of solids. On the menu was a teaspoon of sweet potato. He loved it and has been gobbling it up every morning since!

It’s an absolute delight to see Cam experiencing this new sensation, exploring the taste and texture and learning to anticipate what’s coming every morning. Today he even made a grab for the spoon!

CollageThe meal plan that I’m using is a very gradual one which only introduces a new food every seven days. I managed 24 weeks of exclusive breastfeeding and was glad that I didn’t start solids 10 days ago when I had one of my sleep-deprivation inspired meltdowns. Just giving it that little bit of extra time meant that I was much more ready for it, and I think it was better timing for Cam too as we were both excited about it. Over the next few weeks we’ll build up to three meals a day and hopefully that will result in better sleep at night too.


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