A first we’d rather forget

A while ago we attended the 30th birthday of one of my dear friends. The party was at her house and we arrived early so that we could go through Cam’s routine with him and settle him for the night before the festivities began. This all went to plan, but then I discovered that the area in the garden where the party was being held was out of range for the baby monitor. However my phone came to the rescue – I have a baby monitor app that can be programmed to call a specific number if it registers a certain level of noise. So I set that up to phone Colin and off I went to have some fun.

We’ve used the app before and while it does work, there is a bit of a delay because the app has to close and put the call through which takes a few seconds. So it didn’t surprise me that much when someone came to call me around 10 because Cameron was crying. After I’d settled him I checked Colin’s phone and to our horror we saw that the call had come through 10 minutes earlier but we hadn’t heard it over the noise. We felt absolutely awful and spent the rest of the night checking on Cameron at regular intervals to appease our guilty hearts.

The next morning we gave Cam an extra dose of love and attention, but had accepted the incident as a horrible mistake and thought of a few preventative steps to avoid it happening again. We were even doing pretty well with getting over our guilt until Colin listened to his voice messages. Sure enough there was one with the heart-wrenching sounds of Cameron crying.

While we love our smartphones and know they will be an intrinsic part of Cameron’s life, we didn’t expect him to start using them quite so soon. Furthermore, of all the exciting firsts we’ve experienced so far, that voicemail is certainly not one we want to remember!


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