I might be a little late

Before Cameron was born Colin and I were incredibly punctual people. Our punctuality was so ingrained that even if we tried to be fashionably late for something, our car was inevitably still the first one in the parking lot! While I was pregnant I wondered if having a baby was going to affect this, and six months down the line I think it’s safe to say it has.

The impact of Cameron on my time keeping skills has been a bit different to what I expected. While it’s true that it takes more time to get ready for things, generally I’m organised enough to prevent this making us late. However, late I often am! On many occasions I’ve been all ready to go (baby, nappy bag and mommy in the car) when the ominous noises that herald a nappy change see me unloading baby and marching back into the house while shooting off a text message to the effect of, ‘Nappy disaster … I’ll be a little late.’ Another common pitfall is the sleeping baby. With my recent struggles to get Cameron to sleep I refuse to wake him unless absolutely necessary. Social visits unfortunately don’t count as ‘absolutely necessary’ so if my baby chooses to sleep for those extra 15 minutes, then 15 minutes late we will be!

But the truth is that I can’t blame it all on Cam. Being a stay-at-home mom means I have become more relaxed about time. With no deadlines or meetings to attend, it’s no longer important exactly when I get things done. Cameron’s day time routine is still pretty flexible so we just take each day as it comes. Most days I don’t even wear a watch. So confession time! When combined with my current level of sleep deprivation, this casual attitude has once or twice resulted in me completely forgetting about prior engagements. In such instances I can be found packing the baby and nappy bag in record speed and racing out the house while shooting off a text message to the effect of, ‘Stuck in traffic … I’ll be a little late.’


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