Cameron’s first sleep over

On the 28th of March Cameron had his first sleep over at granny and grandad’s. It was our fourth wedding anniversary, and despite not really celebrating anniversaries in the past, we’ve decided that in future they need to be a much bigger deal. Starting as we intend to continue we booked ourselves into the Bohemian House – a five star guest house in Pretoria where we spent our wedding night. Between the late reception and early-bird flight to Mauritius where we went on honeymoon, we only spent four hours there back in 2009 and didn’t even see breakfast, never mind eat it! It was time to get the full experience.

And so we arrived at my parents around lunchtime with all of Cam’s paraphernalia in tow. After a quick bite to eat it was time to say goodbye. It was much harder than I thought it would be and I’ll confess to getting a little teary in the car despite telling myself firmly that I was being completely ridiculous.

But my moment of weakness passed quickly and Colin and I had so much fun. Judging from the photos and messages my mom sent, my parents had an equally delightful time with their grandson and it was smiles all round.

It was really great to spend some quality time with the hubby and I’m sure the next time I leave Cam it will be a bit easier. The only irony of the entire affair was that I slept terribly. Firstly I seem to have developed incredibly sensitive hearing in the last seven months and the slightest noise now wakes me. Secondly, Cameron has me well trained and I woke at all the times he usually does. Next time I’ll consider taking a sleeping pill so that I can get some decent shut-eye too!


Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water

As my current state of sleep deprivation reaches new heights, I feel as though I am getting more and more stupid by the day. My mind definitely isn’t as sharp as it used to be and in the last few weeks this has manifested itself in a worrying new way – I’ve started throwing stuff away unintentionally.

The first casualty was our veggie peeler which I tipped into the bin inadvertently. Then I had a nervous few days searching for a gift voucher my gran had given me for my birthday. I was just getting worried that I’d achieved an unhappy first of throwing something away with the gift wrapping when I unearthed it in my desk drawer to my profound relief.

This morning I was faced with another conundrum as I searched frantically for the wet wipes while changing Cameron’s nappy. They were nowhere to be found, a situation made even more annoying by the fact that I only opened the packet three days ago. I phoned Col to find out if he knew anything of their whereabouts but he only said he’d resorted to raiding the nappy bag as he hadn’t been able to find them either. It was a mystery. And that’s the other problem with sleep deprivation – mysteries abound as one’s short-term memory is utterly shot. However, after carrying out episode one of CSI: Cameron’s Nursery I think I’ve solved this one. Cam often amuses himself with some frantic kicking during nappy changes and this detective suspects that a well-aimed thrust sent the wet wipes hurtling into the bin, which the maid duly emptied before their absence was noted.

Aside from these frustrating episodes I have had one or two heart-stopping moments when I catch sight of the empty car seat while driving, only to remember that Cameron is with a babysitter. All things considered, this mom is having to check the bath water (and all other Cameron related locations) far more thoroughly than one would think necessary.

Baby gym

This morning I went to my first weight training class in well over a year. Let’s just say that I will be astounded if I can move tomorrow! I have been going for long walks regularly since Cameron was born and have a weekly squash game going too so I haven’t been neglecting exercise completely. But I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve lost all my pregnancy weight without having to try too hard (breast-feeding has seen to that) so more frequent exercise hasn’t been high up on my list. Over the weekend though I decided that the time has come to start toning up so off to gym I went.

While gasping desperately for breath between sets I had to conclude that my post-baby body has taken a bit of a knock. But while the numerous flights of stairs I walk each day (we have two sets in our house) haven’t left me in quite the state of cardiovascular fitness that I would have hoped, there was one pleasant surprise in store. In the past I used the lightest weights available for any upper body work. But today I was surprised to find that these weights no longer posed any sort of challenge. Lugging eight kilograms of Cameron around has obviously improved my upper body strength significantly!

If I can summon up the energy to carry out my ambitious plans for a gym routine, I’ll be back next week to try again with heavier weights. In the meantime though I’ll continue with my baby bicep curls – they have certainly proved effective so far.

Seven month update

In the last month Cameron has left the little baby phase firmly behind him and occasionally we get glimpses of the little boy he is becoming. He has two teeth already and is enjoying solid food. Nothing is safe from his roving hands and absolutely everything he gets a hold on goes straight into his mouth. He rolls over at every opportunity which makes nappy changes a whole lot more interesting. He has started sitting up unassisted but topples over after a few seconds so we have to be careful where we try this trick. Toys that crinkle are his absolute favourite which means that paper and especially cellophane are far more in demand than anything else in his toy box. He loves being outside and a grumpy baby is instantly transformed into a happy one if I put him on a blanket under a tree. He is getting increasingly fed up with his stationary state in life and is experimenting with his limbs in a desperate attempt to move. So far he has mastered turning around but forward motion still eludes him.

When faced with new situations and people Cameron goes into ‘observation mode’. He sits quietly, chewing on his fingers and simply looks at everything with an expression of rapt concentration on his little face. Once he’s seen all there is to see he starts to relax and then giggles and smiles abound. Peek-a-boo is his favourite game – he particularly loves it when we cover his head with a blanket and he has to fight his way free. He has the cutest little chuckle and I can easily sit for half an hour with him, just trying to make him laugh.

There are so many high points in my days right now. From the moment I wake up and Cam greets me with a grin, to the giggles we have while playing and his scrumptious baby smell after his bath, I am really starting to understand how rewarding parenting can be.