Baby gym

This morning I went to my first weight training class in well over a year. Let’s just say that I will be astounded if I can move tomorrow! I have been going for long walks regularly since Cameron was born and have a weekly squash game going too so I haven’t been neglecting exercise completely. But I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve lost all my pregnancy weight without having to try too hard (breast-feeding has seen to that) so more frequent exercise hasn’t been high up on my list. Over the weekend though I decided that the time has come to start toning up so off to gym I went.

While gasping desperately for breath between sets I had to conclude that my post-baby body has taken a bit of a knock. But while the numerous flights of stairs I walk each day (we have two sets in our house) haven’t left me in quite the state of cardiovascular fitness that I would have hoped, there was one pleasant surprise in store. In the past I used the lightest weights available for any upper body work. But today I was surprised to find that these weights no longer posed any sort of challenge. Lugging eight kilograms of Cameron around has obviously improved my upper body strength significantly!

If I can summon up the energy to carry out my ambitious plans for a gym routine, I’ll be back next week to try again with heavier weights. In the meantime though I’ll continue with my baby bicep curls – they have certainly proved effective so far.


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