Cameron’s first sleep over

On the 28th of March Cameron had his first sleep over at granny and grandad’s. It was our fourth wedding anniversary, and despite not really celebrating anniversaries in the past, we’ve decided that in future they need to be a much bigger deal. Starting as we intend to continue we booked ourselves into the Bohemian House – a five star guest house in Pretoria where we spent our wedding night. Between the late reception and early-bird flight to Mauritius where we went on honeymoon, we only spent four hours there back in 2009 and didn’t even see breakfast, never mind eat it! It was time to get the full experience.

And so we arrived at my parents around lunchtime with all of Cam’s paraphernalia in tow. After a quick bite to eat it was time to say goodbye. It was much harder than I thought it would be and I’ll confess to getting a little teary in the car despite telling myself firmly that I was being completely ridiculous.

But my moment of weakness passed quickly and Colin and I had so much fun. Judging from the photos and messages my mom sent, my parents had an equally delightful time with their grandson and it was smiles all round.

It was really great to spend some quality time with the hubby and I’m sure the next time I leave Cam it will be a bit easier. The only irony of the entire affair was that I slept terribly. Firstly I seem to have developed incredibly sensitive hearing in the last seven months and the slightest noise now wakes me. Secondly, Cameron has me well trained and I woke at all the times he usually does. Next time I’ll consider taking a sleeping pill so that I can get some decent shut-eye too!


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