The godfather

We are coming up to Cam’s first birthday and naturally enough, I’m spending a fair amount of time thinking back to where we were a year ago. I’ve also remembered one or two incidents that I wanted to blog about then but didn’t, and now seems like the perfect time to capture them. One of those was the first time Cameron met his godfather. This is how it went down …

One of the difficult things for me to deal with when Cam was born was the fact that my parents, who drove all the way from Tzaneen, couldn’t see their grandchild. This was because Cameron was in ICU and the hospital policy was that only parents were allowed inside. I made a few timid appeals to the ICU nurses, but they were to no avail and my folks had to make do with videos I took on my Dad’s iPad.

The next day Cameron’s godparents came to visit. Now Stef and Sophia are two of our dearest friends, but it must be said that Stef is a law unto himself. There is simply no stopping the man when he wants something and as far as he is concerned the rules just don’t apply to him. So when he arrived and was told that he couldn’t see Cameron he muttered something to the effect of, ‘We’ll see about that’ and disappeared in the direction of the ICU. 

A while later he duly returned and heartily congratulated us on our beautiful boy. Colin looked at him in disbelief and only when Stef produced a cellphone video of Cam did we realise that he’d succeeded where my parents failed. It should of course be noted that he didn’t ask permission – merely sauntered in as if he owned the place. I doubt he even abided by the golden ICU rule of washing his hands! Furthermore the very fact that Stef thought to capture some proof on his phone gives you an indication of how often he does things like this, and how disbelieving we always are.

I’ll admit that at the time I was really upset by this (I had a lot going on and let’s not forget those pesky hormones) but knowing and loving Stef as I do, I can now laugh about it. So this little anecdote will be added to the ever-growing tome dedicated to the exploits of Cameron’s godfather. And we are sure that our son will discover, as we have numerous times, that there are benefits to having such an overconfident guy in your corner. Capeesh?

The godfather


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