Cam’s first trip to the zoo

In celebration of Cameron’s first birthday, which is tomorrow, today we took him to the zoo for the first time. The Pretoria Zoo is the biggest in South Africa and I was pretty impressed really. For a start, it’s huge! We strolled for three hours and didn’t cover it all. They have a much bigger selection of animals than I thought they would and the whole place seems to be well maintained. The only criticism I have is that human snacks and beverages were hard to come by. You are allowed to take your own food in, which I think most people do, and so the kiosks and cafes aren’t well stocked at all. But next time we’ll just take our own picnic and that will solve that problem.

Cameron seemed to enjoy the experience but it must be said that he was more interested in the people than the animals. Second favorites were the birds and then the Gibbon monkeys, although he may just have been feeding off his dad’s enthusiasm for the latter! He loved the aquarium too.

It was a happy morning out and Col and I had a lovely time reminiscing over the last year while we walked around. But more on that tomorrow …




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