A sneaky son-in-law or a misunderstood mother?

As with my recent post about Cam’s godfather, this is one of those stories from a year ago. My parents were visiting from Tzaneen, but staying at the guest house across the road as our spare room was finally fulfilling it’s role as a nursery. The Menlyn Guest Lodge is a five-star establishment, but the fact that all the staff knew my mom by name was not just due to attentive service.

Three weeks before, she’d come to help for the weekend. Cam was still in ICU and to give us space to come and go she decided to stay at the guest house. Her plan was to flit in while we were out, clean up, cook a meal and then flit out. Think domesticated fairy godmother. But as we were spending so much time at the hospital, giving her keys to our house posed a slight logistical problem. Colin solved this by leaving them at the guest house reception for her. The conversation went like this:

Colin: Hi. I live across the road and am dropping off keys for my mother-in-law who’s coming to stay here.

Pause. Moment of hesitation. And then the collapse of unflappable five-star professionalism …

Manager: How did you get that right?


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