18 month update

On Wednesday Cameron turned 18 months old. He’s got a delightful disposition and makes friends with just about anyone he meets. He loves dancing, birds and cars. He preferred mode of motion is a flat out run, laughing madly as he goes. He is only four teeth short of a full set, eats most things and is saying a few words.

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Bye-bye baby

Over the last few months Cameron has transformed into a real little toddler. While I do have moments when I miss my baby, I am enjoying this phase so much. It’s just cuteness at every turn!

I am constantly floored by how much Cam understands. It’s so rewarding to watch him following simple instructions like, ‘Go sit at the table’ or ‘Choose a book to read.’ It has made me realize how much I rely on others talking to feel that I’m understood, but Cam clearly understands without being old enough to articulate it verbally.
Until recently Cameron didn’t show an affinity for any particular type of toy. He’s always loved birds, but blocks, cars or dinosaurs didn’t elicit a strong reaction. This changed suddenly over December and now cars, trucks, planes and helicopters are the fad of the moment. ‘Brmmm brmmm’ reverberates around our house all day and one is in constant danger of tripping over wooden cars and trucks which lie strewn on every floor. He also loves helping Col reverse his car every morning. He climbs into Col’s lap and waves happily at me as he ‘turns’ the steering wheel and honks the hooter.

Col has started some other cute traditions with Cam too. Every day when he gets home from work Cam follows him to bedroom when he goes to change. Cam then takes Col’s shirt and socks and deposits them in the laundry basket after which he gives himself a hearty round of applause.

Imitation seems to be the primary medium of learning right now and our little copycat is trying to emulate us at every turn. When I put cream on in the mornings his little hand joins in the smearing. If the gardener is raking leaves Cam rushes out to join in. When Col does his stretches Cam limbers up too. He’s feeding himself really well at meals and often rejects his fork in favour of a ‘grown-up’ one.
One of the things I’m enjoying most about this phase is how apparent the thought process is. You can just see the wheels turning as Cam tries to figure things out and his delight when he gets things right is contagious.

Watching Cam learn has led me to another conclusion – parents are really very simple creatures to please. The tiniest accomplishment on Cam’s part results in totally disproportionate levels of pride on ours. But as our expectations for Cam are within reason, and as he thrives on our praise I say bring on the parental pride!