Not much room for pride in parenting

I find parenting to be a hugely humbling experience. Firstly there is the miracle of conception, pregnancy and birth. Then there are those terrifying moments when you feel utterly unequipped to raise a child. There’s the wonder of watching a little person grow and develop, which makes your heart swells with pride. And then there are those times when that little person brings your ego down a peg or two…

One Saturday a few weeks ago, Colin and Cameron were having a jam session. While VH1 blasted 80’s hits into our lounge, they danced madly and generally had a great time. Sinead o’Connor’s Nothing compares to you, provided a breather, and as they sat on the couch, Colin enthusiastically belted out the words to his adoring son. As he hit the chorus and his voice quavered over that classic high note, Cameron leaned over and placed his little hand deliberately over his dad’s mouth. Colin hasn’t been heard singing since!

Some days later, it was my turn. Cam has been learning new words every day and we were running through the names of family members. In his confident little voice, he churned out, ‘GG’, ‘Pop’, Nannan’ and ‘Daddy’. But when asked to say Mommy, he replied ‘Dum Dum’. I only wish I could say it was a one-time thing!