A season of Specklet

At the end of February, we made the happy discovery that I am pregnant again. A number of factors have resulted in me feeling far more relaxed this time round. Firstly, we weren’t worried about how long it would take to fall pregnant and were mentally prepared for a long wait. Then of course it took merely a month!

Secondly, we are no longer clueless parents-to-be. We know what we are in for! I know what exhaustion and chaos awaits, but I also know how one manages to adapt as one goes. Neither am I as obsessed about how the birth of this child takes place (by that I mean natural versus caesarean). Having had such an eventful previous pregnancy with going into labour at 32 weeks and then Cameron being delivered by C-section at 35 weeks, I’m really not planning too much for this one. I learnt last time how little I have control over this process and just rolling with the punches seems to be a better approach.

Being our first child and the first grandchild on both sides of the family, Cameron was such a highly anticipated baby that I felt constant pressure to share what was going on. Granted, much of this was self-inflicted pressure, and in many instances I was processing things as I wrote them for this blog. This time I am feeling much more protective of my journey.

I do still want to write about it because the record these posts provide is a real treasure to me already, but I am sharing a bit more selectively and much more in my own time. My anticipation and enthusiasm for this baby is by no means less than what I felt when carrying Cameron, I am simply enjoying the process for myself before opening up to others about it.

So here is to the season of Specklet! The due date is 5 November. This means that I am preparing for arrival any time from the middle of October, and in truly ironic style, this baby will probably go way past term. Our two scans to date have shown a thriving foetus, and all seems to be progressing marvellously so far. The thrill of those first images gave me goose bumps and the miracle of a growing life is blowing my socks off afresh!

sonar 1


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