The halfway mark

This week I hit the halfway mark in my pregnancy, a milestone that I was very happy to reach. The first half seems to have taken forever and I felt like I was stuck somewhere between 13 and 17 weeks for about three months! In fact, when I think about what happened with Cameron, I start to get slightly panicky as there’s a good chance I am more than halfway and I haven’t done a thing to prepare for this baby. I am determined to be ready this time – bag packed and baby room ready by 32 weeks!

My second trimester is going well. Constant backache is my only woe – most likely caused by carrying my 11 kilogram toddler and hurtling around the house after him with a growing bump. I am in the throes of that nesting phase and am constantly rearranging my lists as my unrealistic goals for the day whizz by uncompleted. I am also taking on rather ambitious projects – not always sensibly …

On Tuesday Cameron was at my parents’ house and a meeting I was preparing for at 08:30 was cancelled. I suddenly found myself with a free morning and promptly decided that now was the time to do a bit of electrical work around the house. Over the weekend the passage light (a dim, cheap, plastic horror which we’ve been meaning to replace) exploded so we’d bought a new one. It needed to be installed in the playroom as it matches the lights in the other living areas, and the current playroom light needed to be moved to the passage. After a quick Google search on how to install a light fitting I embarked on what turned out to be a four hour test of endurance, involving much time up a wobbly ladder, extreme pain for my forearms and at one point a foray into the roof to find lost wires. Now that the lights are up and working and I didn’t fall off the ladder or electrocute myself, it will be a funny story to tell our kids one day.

Perhaps this desire to do things pregnant ladies really shouldn’t be doing can be attributed to preggie brain, which until now has left me largely unscathed. It is making itself more forcefully known however. I was relaxing in the bath the other day, contemplating life and the calming descriptions on my body wash – a bottle of Nivea shower cream with caring bamboo milk and the uplifting scent of orange blossom. Except that as I was lathering up my body I read, ‘Baboon milk’ and for a few minutes smiled contentedly before thinking, ‘That can’t be right. How on earth do you milk a baboon?’ And that folks is really where I think this story should end as it tells you just about all you need to know about my current mental state!


Boo-boo needs a blankie

Last week my parents were visiting and we were all sitting on the playmat. My dad had a plaster on his hand which Cam noticed, pointed to and identified as ‘Ow!’ He then tried to pull the plaster off. My dad stopped him, saying, ‘The boo-boo needs a blankie on to get better.’

A little while later Cam got up and ran down the corridor. He returned after a few minutes, dragging a huge winter blanket that he’d obviously pulled off our bed. He solemnly placed the corner of the blanket over my dad’s poor, afflicted hand and, satisfied that the boo-boo was well cared for, recommenced his block building!

King Cameron the Cutest

My mom has this book of funny things my brother and I said and did when we were little. It’s always a source of amusement and I’ve read it countless times over the years. Cameron often has us laughing out loud these days and I’ve decided to record some of his antics on the blog. (FYI I’ll be using the category ‘Cuteness from Cam.)

Our little parrot

Cam’s vocabulary is exploding at the moment and he’s always trying to repeat words we say. A lot of the time he gets it right but his ‘toddler language’ is emerging and I’m having to play the role of interpreter more often. Inevitably this has led to a few potentially embarrassing moments, like when he suddenly started saying ‘Kak’ (Afrikaans for s**t) and it took us a few days to work out that he was trying to say ‘truck’.

He is also using his words very deliberately. The other day my parents were swinging him in a blanket and when they stopped he simply said, ‘More. Plees (please). Now.’ (We’re into the realms of trying to explain that just because one asks for something doesn’t mean one is going to get it!)

The gratitude game

Some months back Col and I started saying grace with Cameron before meals. He didn’t pay much attention at first, but suddenly about three weeks ago the concept caught on. He holds out his little hands and looks expectantly at Col or I until grace has been said. All very sweet – but the routine is repeated after every mouthful! (We’re capping grace at three or four repeats, and are far more aware of all we have to thank Jesus for these days.)

The paradox of parenting

At the moment parenting is a bit of a rollercoaster for me. Cameron is at a challenging age – pushing boundaries, throwing tantrums and displaying an astounding resistance to the word ‘No’! But at the same time he is just unbelievably cute and we are having such fun with him. The frequent fluctuations between frustration and fulfilment leave me emotionally exhausted but most of the time I fall asleep giggling as I think back on another day with King Cam.