Cameron turns two

On August 26th, we celebrated Cameron’s second birthday. It was far more exciting this year, what with blowing out candles (and relighting them so he could do it again), and the mind-blowing excitement of opening presents. (I think the act of opening was more fun than the actual gift. Cam kept saying ‘Next’ without actually taking an interest in what was inside!)


We started off the day with tea, muffins and presents in bed. Cam and I spent the morning at home, and had visits from my parents (Pops and GG), and Colin’s sister. Colin managed to take the afternoon off, so we went for ice-cream and waffles and visited the bird sanctuary (always fun for Cam).


Last year we had huge party at the Botanical Gardens, but this year, for a number of reasons, we decided to just have a family tea. That did mean 27 adults though – Cameron’s 20-day old cousin Caleb was the only other little person there, and he didn’t take too much of an interest in proceedings! All these big people totally overwhelmed Cam, and he spent most of the afternoon clinging to Colin or I for safety, warming up towards the end to open presents or run around outside, far away from the crowds. He didn’t even want to blow out his candles, a skill we’d been practising all week!


Cam’s first love is any kind of construction vehicle so I made a cake with a bulldozer, cement mixer, crane, digger and dump truck on. It was a huge success, and the toys are the still the first thing he asks for each morning!

PicMonkey Collage


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