This is a blog about Speckle, which is what we are calling the tiny little person who’s currently growing inside of me. I’m affectionately known as ‘Sparkles’, hence the name of this blog.

I met my husband, Colin, at the end of my orientation week for industrial engineering. I dated him the whole way through university and we got engaged in July 2008. Nine months later we got married. We have spent just under three years as DINKS (Double-Income-No-Kids), having all sorts of adventures, mostly involving travel and trips. We are now expecting our first child so life is about to change completely … but we can’t wait!

I know that I’m joining a huge community of moms (or moms-to-be) who post about all things relating to motherhood, but I also know that I have a huge group of awesome friends and family who will be interested in this journey that we’re on. And if a few strangers stumble across this too – welcome to our virtual world!

Disclaimer: Oversharing is likely. It’s a well-known fact that as soon as you fall pregnant (in fact, as soon as you start trying to fall pregnant), it suddenly becomes okay to start talking about all sorts of previously off-limits topics. If kids aren’t a blip on your radar yet, then kindly consider this as part of your education and get over it!


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