Aiden’s nine month update

Our hopscotchy, bunk-doodling, splendiferous, wondercrump, whoopsey-splunkers, phiz-whizzing, whipple-scrumptious ickle grunion is now nine-months old. The physical transformation I described in my last post is now going toe-to-toe with the emergence of a delightful personality. Somewhere in the last two months our solemn baby has transformed into a cheerful little cherub. His vocal range is much in evidence and we’re finding ticklish spots that never fail to elicit a heart-warming chuckle.  Aiden’s social side is becoming more evident. The time Colin has put in with Aidy lately is really showing dividends, and our boy always has a smile for his daddy, even if he is mid-howl when Col walks through the door. It’s quite funny to watch this crying child stop, assess, smile, and then go right on crying again! 

As far as the brothers go, there’s a simply beautiful relationship developing. Aiden really has eyes for Cam and will endure an surprising amount of abuse at his hands. Being whacked on the head with a variety of objects doesn’t seem to bother him if his brother is doing the whacking! (Obviously we don’t encourage the head-whacking and are trying to promote gentler interactions!) Cam is great at imitating the noises Aiden makes, which Aiden simply loves. He’s also building up a reportoire of tricks that always get a smile or giggle from his adoring younger brother.  We have been a bit worried about Aiden’s development as there are a few milestones he hasn’t reached yet – like sitting on his own and reaching for his toes. So earlier this week we took him to an OT friend of ours for an assessment. She said that there’s nothing to worry about. He is behind in some areas, but ahead in others, which is quite normal for a prem baby. Developmentally, he’s about the same as a seven-month old and she’s told us not to expect more. It’s amazing how big the difference is from being born those few days earlier than Cam was, even though he was also prem. We’ve got some exercises to do now to help Aiden catch up and I’m sure it will come right soon. 

I’ve seen a marked difference in the past two months in terms of my ability to cope. Having two little ones is becoming much more manageable with every month that Aiden gets older. It gives me hope that our plan of having the boys close together wasn’t so foolhardy after all!   


Aiden’s six-month update

Our splendiferous, wondercrump, whoopsey-splunkers, phiz-whizzing, whipple-scrumptious ickle grunion is six-months old today and thriving. He’s such a happy little chap, is getting delightfully vocal and bestows charming grins with marvellous generosity. At 6.7kg, he’s getting really chubby. His eye colour is changing from blue to the browny-green Colin has. His hair still has a reddish tinge, but it’s hard to know what colour the new hair is as it’s still so fine and there’s not much of it. 

He’s coping well with his older brother’s increasingly boisterous affections. On Saturday he had his first taste of solids. Cameron got very excited about this milestone and took it upon himself to make sure it took place. So not only did Aiden have to cope with an entirely new texture, he had to cope with it as speed as his brother kept the spoonfuls coming! He didn’t bat an eyelid, swallowed his sweet potato happily and seems content with his place in the pecking order. 

We’ve been working hard at our exercises and Aidy is starting to roll over by himself (when on a slope and given a gentle push-start). He’s also starting to sit nicely when supported. There are no teeth in sight yet, but he is chomping on whatever he can grab so perhaps they are imminent. 

His personality is emerging and we are getting to know a friendly, pensive, calm little man. We just love him madly.