Eleven month update

We are rapidly approaching Cameron’s first birthday, but so much has happened since the nine month post that I didn’t want to wait until the end of the month for my next instalment.

Right now every day is a delight! Cam is a wonderfully happy and contented little chap, bestowing smiles upon anyone he sees and giggling gleefully at the slightest excuse. He’ll often happily gurgle to himself, flapping his arms and pointing at nothing in particular, which seems to amuse him no end. He loves music and starts bopping whenever he hears a song or one of his musical toys is provided as a playmate.

Excitingly, we are pretty sure Cam has said his first word! He’s charmingly vocal and, among others, has been making various ‘mama’ noises lately, ranging from ‘mamama’ to a very British ‘mum’. But in the last few days he seems to have connected these sounds with me which just melts my already squishy heart.

He is getting around with serious speed. In June I took him to an OT friend of mine as he was still doing his creeping caterpillar thing. She did a few exercises with him and the very next day he was off on all fours. He’s now moved on to crawling on his hands and feet which is even faster but he does look a bit like a spider monkey as he scuttles around. He is standing and cruising and has once or twice tried to balance on his own which has resulted in some spectacular falls but fortunately no serious bumps. He is attempting the stairs and yesterday climbed the whole flight. He can only go up though, and efforts to teach him to go down have yet to yield results. This means that a devoted parent must patiently climb the stairs too! He is incredibly strong and the only really challenging part of my day is trying to change his nappy or clothes. He wriggles desperately as he tries to flip over, while I, with equal desperation, try to hold him down with one arm and put on the offending garment with the other.

Cam is certainly enjoying this food exploration phase. I am fortunate to have a baby who just loves to eat, and he makes sure I know when the next meal time is approaching. He will eat as much as I’m prepared to give him and has delightfully pudgy thighs and a substantial tummy. I am just hoping the paediatrician won’t chastise me when I take Cam for his one-year check-up! The other challenge we are having is eating in front of him. Even if he’s just had a meal, he’ll want whatever it is that we have and his insistent demands are incredibly hard to repel.

Our baby is now really looking like a little boy and we are starting to see signs of the next phase. Cam has started displaying a strong will and I can see that bucket loads of patience and consistency will be required as we move into the toddler phase. But all in all I am an incredibly blessed mom! I have a happy, healthy little boy, who sleeps and eats well. His little laugh is simply the best sound in all the wide world and I am just loving being his ‘mumma’.


Nine months old

Yesterday Cameron turned nine months old. He’s doing really well, not quite crawling yet, but getting about by creeping like a caterpillar. He has five teeth, with a sixth about to break through any day now. As you’ll see, having a mobile baby has suddenly made this photo journal concept a lot more tricky! I’ve included three photos of him at nine months to give you an idea of how much he’s grown. 1_Two weeks old 3_Two months old 5_Three months old 6_Six months old DSC_0040 DSC_0091 DSC_0074

Seven month update

In the last month Cameron has left the little baby phase firmly behind him and occasionally we get glimpses of the little boy he is becoming. He has two teeth already and is enjoying solid food. Nothing is safe from his roving hands and absolutely everything he gets a hold on goes straight into his mouth. He rolls over at every opportunity which makes nappy changes a whole lot more interesting. He has started sitting up unassisted but topples over after a few seconds so we have to be careful where we try this trick. Toys that crinkle are his absolute favourite which means that paper and especially cellophane are far more in demand than anything else in his toy box. He loves being outside and a grumpy baby is instantly transformed into a happy one if I put him on a blanket under a tree. He is getting increasingly fed up with his stationary state in life and is experimenting with his limbs in a desperate attempt to move. So far he has mastered turning around but forward motion still eludes him.

When faced with new situations and people Cameron goes into ‘observation mode’. He sits quietly, chewing on his fingers and simply looks at everything with an expression of rapt concentration on his little face. Once he’s seen all there is to see he starts to relax and then giggles and smiles abound. Peek-a-boo is his favourite game – he particularly loves it when we cover his head with a blanket and he has to fight his way free. He has the cutest little chuckle and I can easily sit for half an hour with him, just trying to make him laugh.

There are so many high points in my days right now. From the moment I wake up and Cam greets me with a grin, to the giggles we have while playing and his scrumptious baby smell after his bath, I am really starting to understand how rewarding parenting can be.