Playing hide and seek

Yesterday we went for our 4D scan – big landmark in the preggie world as any mom-to-be will tell you! I’ve always found them to be quite weird looking (and don’t always know what I’m looking at), but I found myself getting excited about ours the other day because it’s the first time we get a bit of an idea of what Speckle will look like.

When the big moment arrived though, Speckle was hiding his face behind his hands. We tried a bit of belly-jiggling to get him to move, but he was in the middle of an afternoon nap and was having none of it (let’s hope he sleeps so soundly when he’s no longer in his mommy’s tummy)!

The pic below was taken mid-yawn so you can see his little nose and mouth. As my friend Sophia says though, it’s quite nice that we didn’t get a good shot as it will be all the more exciting when he does make his grand entrance. And I’ll be honest, these scans still look weird to me even if it is our baby, so I’m struggling to connect the image with the bambino in my belly.


Hello world!

I’m Speckle (or Baby-Rip), and I’m about 13 weeks old now. I’m only 7cm long, but check out my fully formed bone structure – pretty cool I dare say. At this stage, I’m expected to make my appearance into this big, wide world at the end of September. Mom and Dad are jumping up and down with excitement – more about their journey so far to follow soon.