Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water

As my current state of sleep deprivation reaches new heights, I feel as though I am getting more and more stupid by the day. My mind definitely isn’t as sharp as it used to be and in the last few weeks this has manifested itself in a worrying new way – I’ve started throwing stuff away unintentionally.

The first casualty was our veggie peeler which I tipped into the bin inadvertently. Then I had a nervous few days searching for a gift voucher my gran had given me for my birthday. I was just getting worried that I’d achieved an unhappy first of throwing something away with the gift wrapping when I unearthed it in my desk drawer to my profound relief.

This morning I was faced with another conundrum as I searched frantically for the wet wipes while changing Cameron’s nappy. They were nowhere to be found, a situation made even more annoying by the fact that I only opened the packet three days ago. I phoned Col to find out if he knew anything of their whereabouts but he only said he’d resorted to raiding the nappy bag as he hadn’t been able to find them either. It was a mystery. And that’s the other problem with sleep deprivation – mysteries abound as one’s short-term memory is utterly shot. However, after carrying out episode one of CSI: Cameron’s Nursery I think I’ve solved this one. Cam often amuses himself with some frantic kicking during nappy changes and this detective suspects that a well-aimed thrust sent the wet wipes hurtling into the bin, which the maid duly emptied before their absence was noted.

Aside from these frustrating episodes I have had one or two heart-stopping moments when I catch sight of the empty car seat while driving, only to remember that Cameron is with a babysitter. All things considered, this mom is having to check the bath water (and all other Cameron related locations) far more thoroughly than one would think necessary.


Taking more time to think things through

The other day I learnt that a woman’s brain volume actually decreases while she’s expecting, which is one of the reasons why forgetfulness is a symptom of pregnancy. I can definitely see the effect of this lately – for one thing I couldn’t remember this interesting fact and had to go and look it up again! Alarmingly though, I do more than just forget. My thought process seems to have slowed down considerably and this has left me in a few sticky spots …

On a recent car trip, I needed to get rid of some stale chewing gum. Not having a tissue on hand I decided to throw it out the window. However, in the process of doing this I realised that it wasn’t good for the environment, started having second thoughts but couldn’t commit to a logical decision and ended up sticking the gum onto the window instead. I then had the ‘brilliant’ idea of rolling down the window and just plucking it off. The gum in question was of a particularly gooey consistency, so while I thought it would have hardened somewhat in the rushing air, it was in fact still mush and all I achieved was a delightful mess. At this point Martha, the friend I was sharing the back seat with, couldn’t contain herself anymore and burst out laughing. That got me started and it was a full minute before we could get a word out to explain the joke.

Martha, who has 11 children, is a goldmine of valuable information and taught me that peanut butter works wonders at removing chewing gum from places it shouldn’t be. So on the bright side, I’ve learnt a great tip for the future – that is of course assuming I can remember it!