The godfather

We are coming up to Cam’s first birthday and naturally enough, I’m spending a fair amount of time thinking back to where we were a year ago. I’ve also remembered one or two incidents that I wanted to blog about then but didn’t, and now seems like the perfect time to capture them. One of those was the first time Cameron met his godfather. This is how it went down …

One of the difficult things for me to deal with when Cam was born was the fact that my parents, who drove all the way from Tzaneen, couldn’t see their grandchild. This was because Cameron was in ICU and the hospital policy was that only parents were allowed inside. I made a few timid appeals to the ICU nurses, but they were to no avail and my folks had to make do with videos I took on my Dad’s iPad.

The next day Cameron’s godparents came to visit. Now Stef and Sophia are two of our dearest friends, but it must be said that Stef is a law unto himself. There is simply no stopping the man when he wants something and as far as he is concerned the rules just don’t apply to him. So when he arrived and was told that he couldn’t see Cameron he muttered something to the effect of, ‘We’ll see about that’ and disappeared in the direction of the ICU. 

A while later he duly returned and heartily congratulated us on our beautiful boy. Colin looked at him in disbelief and only when Stef produced a cellphone video of Cam did we realise that he’d succeeded where my parents failed. It should of course be noted that he didn’t ask permission – merely sauntered in as if he owned the place. I doubt he even abided by the golden ICU rule of washing his hands! Furthermore the very fact that Stef thought to capture some proof on his phone gives you an indication of how often he does things like this, and how disbelieving we always are.

I’ll admit that at the time I was really upset by this (I had a lot going on and let’s not forget those pesky hormones) but knowing and loving Stef as I do, I can now laugh about it. So this little anecdote will be added to the ever-growing tome dedicated to the exploits of Cameron’s godfather. And we are sure that our son will discover, as we have numerous times, that there are benefits to having such an overconfident guy in your corner. Capeesh?

The godfather


Day two update

Author’s note: this post breaks all the rules about the length that a good post should be but I so don’t care!

To start off with an update on both patients: Cameron could not be doing better. He’s really healthy and just completely adorable. We have no concerns about him at the moment other than the standard preemie baby ones (i.e learning to suck and keeping his under-developed immune system safe from infection). What a champion! I’m feeling strong, managing to move around easily and am not in too much pain all things considered.

We’ve had a number of breakthroughs today.
1. I could have a shower (first one since Sunday) and wash my hair. It was heaven!
2. I had an hour of kangaroo care with Cameron (that’s skin to skin care – google it if you want more info). It was so awesome to just to sit and bond with him.
3. I changed my first nappy! (I know I’ve opened myself up to them, but no snide comments please.) It was a really gooey, gross one but I didn’t care in the least. I had been struggling with the fact that I wasn’t learning how to care for him and was just so excited to be able to do something.
4. Cameron and I managed our first breast feed. He took a while to figure out what was expected of him, but got it in the end. The sucking reflex doesn’t fully develop until 37 weeks (he’s 36 today) so it’s hard work for him but we’ll keep practising.
5. Col changed his first nappy! There was no gooey grossness to be seen (snide comments are now welcome.)
6. Col got to hold his baby boy for the first time (this should really be number one but I’m listing them as they happened not in order of mind-blowing marvellousness.) It was the most precious moment to witness. Col’s been incredibly patient but it’s been a long wait for him.
7. Col got an hour of kangaroo care. So much bonding going on – its just brilliant.

We’re working on a day-to-day basis for the next week. I am being discharged tomorrow but Cameron can only go home when he’s established his feeds. The process for this is progressive and depends very much on how he responds so we have no idea how long it will take. If all goes well we’ll be able to take him home early next week. While this is hard, we’ve been separated from him since his birth and that makes it easier. The hospital only allows the mother to lodge (stay over) for the night before the baby is discharged so there is going to be a lot of driving backwards and forwards (and of course I cant drive myself because of the op; logistical challenges loom but we’ll make it work.) We are focusing firmly on positives and are going to try and use the time to recover some strength. For the next two or three days I won’t have to be at the hospital very much, and as much as I want to spend time with our boy, I figure I should try to get some sleep in preparation for when the feeding establishment process gets really hectic.

On Sunday when I was having my ‘I’m having a baby in 2 hours’ freak out, my friend Katy wisely said that God would give me grace to deal with each thing as it came. I’m really finding this to be true. I feel like I’m in some kind of calm bubble. Every now and then something will get through and I’ll have a stressed or tearful moment, but a few reminders of all the positives restores my perspective and sense of peace. This bubble may burst soon (the three day blues are expected tomorrow according to all the books) but I’m appreciating it while I can.

To sum up there are challenges to be dealt with but then our boy arrived a whole month early so there were bound to be. Col and I fall more in love with Cameron every time we see him, are marvelling at his teeny-tinyness and enjoying what interaction we have with him. We are so excited for the day when we can take home and you can come and meet him. In the meantime I’ll post more pics on Facebook.

PS Sorry about any typos. One my brain is turning to goo, and two I’m using my phone to type this which is a touch challenging.