34 weeks and (thankfully still) counting

It’s been nearly three weeks since Speckle’s prison break attempt, and the lack of blog activity is mainly because I’ve been doing nothing but lying on the couch watching the Olympics (rather sad that’s all over now). I was on medication for 10 days after being discharged from hospital which made me really tired so following the doctor’s orders of resting a lot was initially quite easy. It was when I finished with the meds and some sort of energy returned that I started to take a bit of strain …

I always have a project on the go, and the hardest thing for me in the last few weeks has been trimming down the list of things that I’m currently able to do. For example, I love decorating and had ambitious plans for the nursery but painting and drilling is firmly off the list. However, I’m happy to report that while the actual work has been beyond me, I haven’t had to abandon these plans thanks to my super-star mother-in-law and fantastic father. Laura (my mom-in-law) has been popping past at various odd hours during the week to paint stripes on walls. My dad came down from Tzaneen for four days last weekend and spent all of his time working through a list of tasks I’d given him when he arrived. The cot has been touched up, brackets are on the wall awaiting their newly painted shelves and a dado rail has been installed above the stripes. It’s all looking terribly cheerful and exciting and I’m hoping to put some pics up towards the end of this week. So watch this space!

As for my time, I’ve been developing strategies to cope with the cabin fever. I’m limiting myself to one outing a day, so have had a few successful shopping trips and coffee with my friend Tash in the last week. I built a puzzle ball which was lots of fun and I’ve started a few crafty projects which involve sedately sitting at the table. Overall though I’ve noticed a huge decrease in my energy levels as my belly grows and grows so I’ve been keeping a very low profile.

The only other real challenge at the moment is that my immune system is shot and I haven’t felt really healthy since coming out of hospital. I had laryngitis last week and it’s really hanging around. Being booked off exercise isn’t helping my sense of ill-health, but I’m doing what I can in terms of taking my vitamins, eating chicken soup and keeping hydrated.

To end off this update, anxiety and stress after Speckle’s false alarm had Col and I on the rack for a while, but being two weeks further down the line now has allowed us to relax somewhat. I am 34 weeks now (8 and a half months) so Speckle is due to make his appearance in the next 4-6 weeks. This seems like no time at all and in the last few days excitement has started to creep back in again, which makes a marvellous change I can tell you!


Prison break

This post comes to you from the labour ward at Pretoria East Hospital. I had a stomach ache yesterday afternoon which didn’t go away and decided to come and get it checked out just in case. Turns out I was having mild contractions so I was admitted last night and will probably spend tonight here too.

The doctor’s not sure why I started having contractions. Sometimes it just happens, although usually because of a bladder infection of which I have no sign. Maybe after the ante-natal classes two weeks ago and child development seminar last Saturday Speckle just thought we were ready for him!

The doc is putting Speckle firmly back in his place (excuse the pun) with some medication that I’m taking every four hours. Between that, general noise and nurses checking my vitals this place is good practise for parenthood – I didn’t get much sleep last night. They have also given me a steroid injection to boost Speckle’s lungs (common procedure when there are early contractions) – we can’t help wondering if this will also boost our recent day dream of raising an Olympic gold medalist!

The measurements this morning (5:30am this morning) show only one Braxton Hicks contraction and I’m feeling much better although these meds are
making me rather floopy. Speckle is also doing well. But I haven’t seen the doc yet so will have to see what he says.

Of course the irony is that my bag wasn’t packed (been waiting for Woolies to bring out some summer pjs) and even though I had plenty of time to do something about that yesterday, the thought that ‘it was probably nothing’ meant I didn’t. So I’ve been emailing poor Col lists, and needless to say I’ll be packing that bag first thing when I get home – summer pjs or not! Furthermore I was half way through making dinner so I literally left pots and pans scattered around the kitchen – again thinking I’d be back soon to finish up. And I’d spent the afternoon sorting out some filing so the lounge looks like a paper bomb went off.

But on the bright side the preauthorisation from my medical aid meant that they didn’t make Col put R60 000 on his credit card before letting us through the door as was the case in Jan 2011 after the white water rafting injury I had. So that’s progress! And Col had just finished his round of golf yesterday afternoon (shooting his best nine since March). All in all I’d say it’s been a good trial run.